Degree needed to become a lawyer

Degree needed to become a lawyer

The lawyer also known as attorney works in different fields, like criminal law, patent law etc, directing the legal system to their customers. If you want to become a lawyer, a formal education with the ability to work in a competitive environment will be required. Many college’s offers juris doctor degrees which are usually preferred by the students. With this degree, you can become an advocate, advisor or counselor. Work includes counseling clients about legal options and representing them in court proceedings. If eligible they may become judges or hearing officer of the court. To become a law student, you should have great interest in this field. Many students join law school just after their undergraduate degree having basic knowledge but many take a break from their work to pursue specifics topics to gain more knowledge and enhance their future career.

There are four main steps in becoming a lawyer.

Procure your bachelor degree

You can choose different subjects which will help you in your career growth. Subjects like English, history, political science and economics can be taken as a minor subject. You can also search for best online Criminal Justice colleges offering bachelor degrees. This gives an idea to students of what area of law they want to pursue. To get into a right law school it is very important to perform well in your undergrad degree.

Apply for LSAT exam

This is an entrance exam you must give before entering the law school. Prepare and go through the syllabus, generally they test your reading and verbal reading skills. There are many factors they take into consideration during the admission process. Questions cover mainly reading comprehension, logical reasoning etc.

Getting admission in a law school

You need to earn a juris doctor degree from a law school to become a lawyer and college should be accredited by the ABA. GPAs, LSAT scores, statement of reason, etc. are some of the reasons for short listing of students. Also check for general requirements like TOEFL, LSAT scores etc.

Sitting for the bar exam

This is one of the toughest exams in the US. Law graduates need to pass the bar exams in order to practice law.  States conduct their own exams while many states have adopted one common exam which allows lawyers to practice in any other state. Questions are prepared by a national conference of bar examiners and are selected based on their performance.

There are many reasons for becoming a lawyer and studying in top universities like Liberty University in USA . Studying here gives wide opportunities to upskill in our career growth. US rules and regulations are transparent, challenging, surprising and straightforward which makes it another option to study here. Normally a fresh lawyer starts earning around 160,000 USD. Lawyer profession is always been rewarding from any point of view.

Author :  Sunny Tirkey