What can I do with an MBA in Marketing?


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For any business to succeed a right marketing and sales strategy is a must. And, this is ensured by marketing professionals in any company. In this world of intense competition, a company can edge ahead its peers by proper having excellent marketing professionals. Being one of the oldest stream of MBA, marketing is a challenging yet rewarding career. And, unlike myth that recession hits marketing professionals hard, it is quite the opposite. A good marketing professional will always be in demand to ensure sustainability of the firm.

An MBA in Marketing opens a long list of career options for graduates. They can work in marketing and sales department of any private or government firm and enjoy a good life. They can be a part of any sector they are interested in, though sectors like FMCG, Tourism, Retail, BFSI, Advertising/Branding agencies, market research, consultancy, IT/ITeS, Hospitality attracts the majority of MBA graduates.

Following can be various career options for MBA Marketing graduates:

Marketing Manager

Responsibilities of a marketing manager include servicing and managing relationship with existing customers and generate revenue from them. It requires ample implementations of marketing concepts like marketing strategies, customer retention and satisfaction. The personality of a marketing manager is more like a people’s person as it requires a lot of interaction with customers.

Market Research Analyst

It is a exciting career opportunities for fresh MBA graduates where they can use they domain knowledge of marketing to survey, research, analyse for results and make recommendations over marketing of a new or existing product. He is an important professionals whose inputs and findings are used to formulate marketing strategies and plans. It includes interacting with customers and potential customers and find out their need, preference and wants, may be personally meeting them at places like shopping malls, offices, residences etc. or through digital medium (Email, video chats etc.)

Brand Manager

It is a well sought after career for MBA marketing graduates. It involves brand management through promotion and positioning of company’s products and services as company intends. It includes taking care of advertising, media management, marketing activities and engaging with customers and public in general.

Sales/Business Development Manager

Sales or Business development Managers are instrumental in success of any company. As point of interaction between the company and customers, they ensure customers’ servicing, understanding customers’ problems genuinely and offer services/products to reduce customer pain. They have a proper hierarchy on basis of scale or volume of sales and area covered and may be divided into National Marketing Manager, Zonal and district marketing manager. Each one is responsible to generate revenue and business for the company by meeting targets and monitoring growth of business through sales. They look after distributors and sales outlets within their territory and ensure business from them.

Media Planning

These professionals are responsible for creating a favorable image of the company and its products/services among customers and public through effective use of media. It involves identification of media channels, where target customers frequently use, how an ad can be created and delivered through those channels and frequency of ads in a cost effective way.

Product Manager

These professionals are involves in determining the life cycle of any product/service company is offeringfrom conceptualization to roll out. It also requires a thorough understanding of product/service, differentiate it with offerings of customers and decide on product features and specifications. It is an interdisciplinary job which requires coordination with product development team and business development team.

He is expected to be creative and innovative such that new products can be designed and launched in the market within planned time frame.

Internet Marketing

With rise of internet users in recent times, digital marketing has gained immense importance. It is one of the hottest career craze for marketing graduates as growth and compensation in this field is on rise. It involves maintain client relations digitally, account management of company on various digital platforms, and generating interest among internet users top try to use company’s products/services.

If the marketer is good at computer programming and internet, he can be surely result oriented. Technicalities around internet marketing include website management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, pay per click, Search Engine Management, Web Content Writing and many others. If one become an expert in digital marketing, an excellent compensation is not a problem for him.

A marketing professional has immense opportunities if he has a good knowledge of subject and relevant working experience. In this dynamic business world, the role of marketing professionals is on rise.

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