Which mba course is best for mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineering is a very popular degree and one of the oldest disciplines in engineering.

      1. Supply Chain Management
        Escape from the grunt of the shop floor and get into a bigger role. Mechanical engineers working on shop floor would want to grow beyond manufacturing function and those working in design would want to grow beyond the product design function and look at the entire supply chain. Supply chain management allows the mechanical engineer study various players in the entire chain like vendors, distributors, retailers, customers and optimize the whole flow. This field definitely challenges the analytical skills as well as understanding of the manufacturing industry.
        Supply chain professionals are in high demand these days since concepts from this MBA can virtually be applies to almost any field. But these MBAs are especially more in demand in the manufacturing heavy industry. Earlier SCM was not so much in demand but with specialized programs like those from NITIE and SJSOM have made these MBAs very popular. Certain strategy consulting firms specifically recruits MBAs with operations and manufacturing background.
      2. Retail Management
        A very fast and upcoming field in India. Retail management MBAs are in high demand these days because of the boom in mall culture. These managers leverage their understanding of operations management and supply chain management and try to optimize the processes in a retail set up. A typical challenge would be to estimate the demand for different types of retail products.
        Though this field is not really so much related to mechanical engineering, still it provides a lot of scope to leverage basic understanding of design principles, operations management and optimization.
      3. Operations Management
        Operations management is very similar to supply chain management in terms of scope for career progress and also in terms of the content of the job. Mechanical engineers would find this area of management to be very lucrative since it allows them to leverage their understanding of mechanical engineering. The field is slowly getting a lot of recognition in field of IT also as IT companies target manufacturing clients for the business. Some of the top recruiters in this area are Petroleum and Oil companies, auto and ancillary companies, pharmaceutical companies.

Apart from these fields, a very lucrative field for mechanical engineers is the field of software consulting. This field offer wide choices from implementation of ERP software packages like Oracle and SAP to custom software development for various manufacturing clients. The role gives a lot of scope to leverage understanding of manufacturing industry and further develop a expertise in related areas in IT. SAP and Oracle consultants are paid at par with some of the best jobs in the available to MBA graduates.

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