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Why Event Management?

Gaining immense popularity, lately, Event Management courses provides a new creative direction that looks promising and hence, is attracting a lot of attention. Event management is a combination of numerous processes like site selection, budgeting, coordinating different activities, security, planning etc.

Different types of events that are organized are as follows-

  • Theme parties
  • Weddings
  • Company conferences
  • Celebrity promotions
  • Fashion shows
  • Award functions

Each event has a different set of requirements and different techniques employed for promotion. This course improves a person’s coordination skills and cultivates good networking, marketing, and creative skills.

Considered to be a new and emerging industry, many view it as an innovative field that plays an important role in big multinational corporations. With great strides being made in technology, this course combines technology with creativity, making it a highly desirable course.

People employed in this field usually work long hours, around 40 – 45 hours a week. Additionally, there is a lot of travel involved, with professionals visiting venues and coordinating with clients.

Jobs and career opportunities in Event Management Industry

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are responsible for the event, from its start to the end. They are responsible for the decorations, venue selection, seating arrangement and all other attributes of an event.

The average salary of an Event Coordinator is Rs. 2,50,000 per year on an average.  Experience in planning is the key to success in this job. Additionally, experience speaks volumes and this job usually has a steep learning curve.

Senior Manager

These managers are responsible for the actions of a large number of people and hence their main job is to supervise and monitor the actions of the group.

Senior Managers are paid around Rs. 11,20,000 per year. This number is highly dependent on the firm that the candidate is employed in.

Senior Executive

These professionals are responsible for the administrative functions of the organization and work closely with the senior management.

The salary of senior executives is Rs. 3,60,000 per annum on an average.

Project Manager

Professionals in this field are responsible for specific events that a company organizes. They plan, oversee and document all the aspects of a particular event and are responsible for the smooth running of an event.

The average annual salary of Project Manager is Rs. 13,50,000. Experience plays a very important role and usually the salary increases with experience.

Salary in Event Management

The salary of event management personnel ranges from Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 13,00,000 per annum. Experience plays a key role in the determination of the salary. Also, salary in this field differs from company to company and also on the workload.

For fresher’s it is recommended that they gain a lot of practical knowledge and experience before stepping into the industry. Internships and training under reputed companies can be of great help.

Usually, event management jobs have a steep learning curve and candidates should be able to grasp concepts quickly and implement them effectively. Usually, the starting salary is Rs. 2.5Lacs and with enough experience the salary can go up to Rs. 13Lacs. Many people opt for freelancing jobs, where they get paid for every event that they successful organize.

Event Management Industry Recruiters

Every company needs event planners and managers to plan and organize events that showcase the company’s product and growth. The following are a few top companies in Event management field.

  • Wizcraft
  • Percept
  • Hilton
  • Marriott International
  • Tafcon
  • Cineyug
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • Wow Events
  • Showtime Group
  • Procam Running
  • Encompass Events
  • 70 EMG

Courses & Subjects

Course Syllabus
Strategic Management ·         Globalization

·         Value Creation

·         Industry Analysis

·         Competitor Analysis

·         Mergers and Acquisitions

·         Business Portfolio Analysis

·         Value Creation

·         Strategic Thinking

Finance and budgeting of events ·         Value of Money and Time

·         Capital

·         Capital Structure

·         Leverage

·         Risk Analysis

·         Valuation of Bonds and Shares

·         Working Capital management

·         Dividend decisions

·         Cash Management

Venue contracts and management ·         Venue and Talent Selection

·         Marketing Mix

·         Ticket Pricing

·         Budgeting Expenses and Income

·         Structuring the Deal

·         Negotiations

·         Promotions

·         Publicity

Marketing and Public Relations ·         Research Methodologies

·         Lobbying

·         Dissertation

·         Electronic Public Relations

·         Society and Representation

·         Strategic Thinking

·         Marketing in the corporate environment

·         Importance of Television and radio in marketing

Risk analysis and Management ·         Types of risks and how to tackle them

·         Market Risks

·         Investment portfolio

·         Risk estimation models and procedures

·         Risk indicators

·         Identifying risk factors

·         Algorithmic Tools for risk analysis

·         Planning and testing


  • Strategic management

This course deals with making plans for the betterment of the company and their effective implementation. The job is long and exhaustive as the people involved in this course need to consider a lot of attributes like financial stability, resource allocation, timeline etc.

This course is extremely important as it deals with laying a future course of action for the company. Poor planning could lead to an awful performance, resulting in disappointed clients and business loss. The syllabus is structured in such a way that students get a clear understanding of how the entire process works and what is expected of them.

Additionally, there is a lot of emphasis on practical knowledge too.

  • Finance and budgeting of events

This course solely focuses on the financial aspect of the business. The students enrolled in this course deal with the financial stability of the company. Usually, when venturing into a new project, these are the professionals that the company approaches to determine if they can financially afford the venture.

People enrolled in this course should have good mathematical and analytical skills. They are trained in predicting the change in the market value and make optimal decisions accordingly.

  • Venue contracts and management

The first step in event management is venue selection.  There are many attributes to consider while choosing a venue. A few of them include:

  • Location of the venue
  • Parking space
  • Services and amenities
  • Cost
  • Capacity of the Venue

The candidates enrolled in this course are taught the importance of choosing the venue considering all the above-mentioned factors. The course additionally asks the students to go through numerous case studies to enhance their knowledge.

Many colleges also allow their students to conduct events so that they get a firsthand experience to test their skills and understand the process before stepping into the field.

  • Marketing and Public Relations

These are the two most important things when it comes to creating publicity for an event. The students enrolled in this course learn the importance of these activities and the different types of marketing and public relations tactics that need to be applied. Social media has been gaining a lot of attention and has become the most important form of marketing.

There are different techniques that need to be employed for different organizations. Applying the wrong mechanism can lead to disastrous results. Among all the event management courses, this course is extremely popular and has numerous opportunities.

  • Risk analysis

Candidates enrolled in this course are expected to predict the different risks that the company is liable to. Every new opportunity has risks involved. Risk analysis professionals try to predict and prepare the company for such events. This course introduces the students to the different types of risks that a company can face and the ways to combat them.

Risk analysis forms an important part of every company irrespective of their field of expertise; they need a team for analysis. The syllabus is vast with many real incidents depicted in great detail. Students are also encouraged to seek internships to get a handle on how the industry works.

Top colleges offering Event Management courses in India

Below is a list of some of the popular colleges in India offering Event Management courses

Institute Address
National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD) Noida
EMDI Institute of Media and Communication New Delhi
National Institute of Event Management New Delhi
Amity Institute of Event Management Noida
Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication New Delhi
National Institute of Media Studies Ahmedabad
College of Event & Management (COEM) Pune
Institute of Mass Communication Film & Television Studies Kolkata
International Centre for Event Management (ICEM) New Delhi

National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAED)

The courses offered at by National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAED) are as follows:

  • Diploma in Event Management (1 year)
  • MBA in Event Management and PR
  • BBA in event management and PR
  • PG diploma in aspects of media, marketing and events

The fees for a course at this university lies within the range of Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 3,25,000. They are extremely popular for the quality of education that they provide and also exposing students to numerous events to give them the much needed practical knowledge.

They have won many awards for their exceptional work like The Best Institute for Event Management at the Asia Education Summit.

Amity Institute of Communication

Amity University is well known for its high-quality teaching and exposure when it comes to education. Other than mainstream courses this institute also offers appreciable event management courses. The university follows a syllabus that is comprehensive, extensive and practical.

They give a lot of importance to practical knowledge and conduct many workshops and events to help the students. Additionally, they also help the students in securing internships to widen their knowledge base.

The fees for a course in event management is Rs. 2,26,000. The companies that visit this university are as follows:

  • 519 Studio
  • 20: 20 Media
  • Bridal Asia
  • Big FM
  • Aaj Tak
  • Crayons Advertising Ltd
  • Starcom
  • Wieden and Kennedy

EMDI Institute of Media and Communication

EMDI Institute of Media and Communication help their students gain internships in prestigious firms and give them an opportunity to be a part of many live events like trade shows, gala wedding, music festivals etc organized by the college. The courses offered are as follows:

  • Event Management
  • Advertising, PR, and IMC
  • Sports Management
  • Wedding Planning
  • Digital Marketing

The companies that visit this campus are as follows:

  • Encompass
  • 70 event media group
  • Wicraft
  • Red Fuse
  • Percept
  • DNA Networks
  • BookmyShow

National Institute of Event Management

The courses offered by the National Institute of Event Management are as follows:

  • Diploma in event management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media and Event Management
  • BBA in Event Management

The companies that visit this university are as follows:

  • 360 Degrees
  • Wizcraft
  • Carving Dreams
  • Sahara
  • Red Chilies Entertainment
  • High Street Phoenix
  • UTV
  • Times Greycell
  • Midas Events
  • Economic Times

Around 100 companies visit their campus looking for talented individuals.

Requirements for Event Management course

The requirements for this course are simple and concise.

  • The candidate should have secured a minimum of 50% in their 10th and 12th. Some institutes do not have the minimum passing percentage criterion.
  • The candidate has to be of the age of 17 or above.

Scope of Event Management in India

Considered to be one of the most profitable industries to have emerged in the last 10 years, Event Management industry offers some of the best career opportunities. The scale of events organized by companies is on the rise, with more companies hosting large scale events.

Currently, the industry is facing a shortage of qualified event managers. According to experts, event management has opened up many new avenues and the industry has numerous opportunities.

Many people go for a diploma or a certification course in event management and then step into the industry. Others pursue an MBA in Event Management  to broaden their scope. With the increase in media coverage, many small-scale events are getting international recognition and this definitely widens a candidate’s prospects.

Additionally, freelancing is also an option for professionals interested in this field.


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